“There really is no-one in Canada who nurtures emerging talent like Joy Loewen.” Eileen Arandiga, Festival Director, CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival

Photo of Joy Loewen


Joy Loewen is a marketing and exhibition consultant who lives in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and runs Exposure Film.

Joy has a heart-felt passion for promoting Canadian films and filmmakers. Through her company Exposure Film, Joy connects Canadian films with audiences around the world.


I am a wife and a mom – I love my family – but I also love my career in the film and television industry. Balancing the demands of family while pursuing my career is made easy by doing work I love.

For over 20 years I have been a passionate supporter of the production, promotion and distribution of Canadian screen-based programs as a broadcaster, producer and trainer.

As a programmer for WTN (Women’s Television Network) in the 90s I screened, selected and negotiated television rights for documentaries, television series, feature films and shorts.  It was during my time at WTN I discovered the world of short film. A few years later, as a busy working mom, I grew to love and appreciate their value when I realized I could be entertained (and often educated), by watching a complete story (sometime stories) in less than half and hour!

“The most difficult portion of producing films independently is harnessing belief – the belief of others that you can achieve what you are proposing. If you have a challenging project, or a wildly different approach to your material, this becomes harder still.

Imaginative and daring partners are your key to corralling belief, and its subsequent investment. I have met few partners more imaginative than Joy Loewen, in whose eyes flicker a love of cinema, a pragmatic care of storytelling, and the thrill of discovery. Joy is a believer. And I can think of no better namesake for her.” Cavan Campbell – writer/director, Hangnail, NSI Drama Prize 2010

My experience as a producer has given me an appreciation and admiration for those who dedicate a piece of their soul to tell a brilliant story and through it, share a piece of Canadian culture. I know the struggles and commitment it takes to carefully weave the many pieces of a production together to produce a film. Professional artists who navigate the waters of production to complete a film deserve to be recognized and celebrated.

For the past 5 years at the National Screen Institute (NSI), I’ve had the privilege of working with over twenty filmmaking teams to develop their scripts and support them during production of their short film.  Nothing – absolutely nothing – brings me more job satisfaction than seeing a film I’ve supported on the big screen in front of an appreciative audience.

“As a director I’ve experienced Joy’s exceptional leadership and organizational ability first hand during the National Screen Institute’s Drama Prize program. Her pragmatic, clear and thoughtful council has played an integral part in the development of my career as an independent filmmaker. I find her passion for her work inspiring and innovative.” Shelagh Carter, Filmmaker, Darkling Pictures

Watching finished NSI Drama Prize films travel the globe sparked a flame inside me to help other Canadian independent filmmakers get their films seen on screens around the world.

I’ve recently left my position as NSI Drama Prize manager to create Exposure Film, a company which actively champion films produced by Canadian filmmakers. I have already begun to promote and create a demand for home-grown films by organizing screening events around the globe featuring Canadian films. My goal is to increase support to filmmakers who seek to connect their film to an audience.

I love to travel, meet new people and build relationships to connect people with films. I have brokered acquisition agreements at national and international program markets including MIPTV (Cannes, France), Hot Docs (Toronto, Canada).  I have seen a wide range of great films at festivals in Clermont Ferrand, Worldwide Short Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, St. John’s Women’s Film Festival, SlamDance and as a juror for the NSI’s year-round Online Short Film Festival.

As a producer of marketing and exhibition with Exposure Film, I get to do what I love: watch and get to know Canadian films and filmmakers in order to program them for audiences around the globe.

My dream is to have more people at home and abroad know what I already know so well: Canadians tell great stories and make powerful, funny and clever films. Stories told by Canadian filmmaking artists are world-class and deserve to be seen and celebrated.

Contact me if you would like to add your film to my list or discuss a package of films to screen in your part of the world.